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Heat Pump Services in Kalispell, MT

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Heat pump systems need twice the care as more traditional air conditioners, or heaters for that matter. This is because they do twice the work! They are year-round systems used for both cooling and heating, and have become a leading choice for home comfort among many Kalispell area homeowners. You need a quality team to install and service your heat pump system—so be sure to give Bill's Superheat, Inc. a call.

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You have a number of options when it comes to keeping your home comfortable all year round. For many homeowners, the heat pump is the right choice!

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Heat Pump Installation in Kalispell, MT

Do you know why it’s so important that you only trust a professional for your heat pump installation? There are plenty of reasons! First, you should know that heat pumps help solve two comfort needs in one: cooling and heating. These year-round systems require professional installation to make sure you don’t run into operational problems later on.

Heat pumps operate similarly to central air conditioning systems in that they use the transfer of refrigerant between two sets of coils in order to move heat into or out of your living space. The main difference between a heat pump and a central air conditioner is that heat pumps have a component called a reversing valve. This device reverses the flow of refrigerant, which is what makes it possible for the heat pump to both cool and heat depending on the season.

Heat Pump Replacement

Have you been considering upgrading your traditional central furnace or air conditioner? A heat pump replacement may be the way to go. Our Kalispell, MT service technicians are highly experienced with all the different types of HVAC systems on the market, and work with the leading manufacturers to bring you the best in quality climate control.

Heat pump or ductless heat pump replacement brings you a number of benefits, which include:

  • Convenient Heating and Cooling: There’s no need to worry about repairing, installing, and maintaining two separate systems to stay comfortable year-round.
  • Energy and Monetary Savings: While in heating mode, your heat pump system consumes far less energy than a traditional furnace, since it transfers heat instead of generating it.
  • Safety: Gas-powered systems are not inherently dangerous. But an electric heat pump completely eliminates the risk of natural gas or carbon monoxide leaks.

Heat Pump Repair

The best way to prevent the worst of heat pump repairs is with maintenance. In fact, biannual heat pump maintenance can help prevent up to 85% of the repairs your heat pump may ever need in its lifespan! During maintenance, our service technicians thoroughly inspect, clean, and adjust your HVAC system. This helps your heat pump work more efficiently and effectively.

Heat pump systems are a bit different from traditional HVAC systems as they need maintenance twice a year, both before the cooling season and before the heating season. This will help prevent problems with special heat pump components, such as the reversing valve that allows the system to do two jobs in one.

Of course, when you do need repairs, we are the team to call! Heat pump repairs require a trained and experienced professional to manage. We have a whole team of them! Contact us today.

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