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Betty Routzahn's Profile Image
Betty Routzahn, Last month

Very professional, kind and courteous.
Thank you for your trustful business.

anne zabriskie's Profile Image
anne zabriskie, Last month

Excellent service and very friendly

Carl Black's Profile Image
Carl Black, Last month

Have used them for years always happy with them.

emily peel's Profile Image
emily peel, Last month

Bill's was fantastic! There were 12 of us that arrived into town on a Thursday to stay at our friends lake house in Whitefish, only to realize the A/C was not working. That day reached 94 degrees and the forecast for the next five days was predicted to be the same. After a couple hours of trying to establish if it was the smart thermostat or the actual unit that wasn't working, we deducted it was the unit. I made a call to a recommended company, who was super helpful, however they couldn't make the service call until the next morning. This gentleman suggested Bill's. I called, left a message, and within a half hour got a call back from Nathan. I was able to talk through some things with Nathan on the phone and he told me he would be able to get there that evening. The first call was at 5pm and Nathan was able to get to our house at 10:30 that night. By him asking the right questions he had an idea what was going on with the unit. He worked for about 40 minutes and had us up and running by replacing the condensers capacitor. He was truly a vacation saver because the heat was definitely getting to us. Nathan was so professional and did the work with a smile on his face and a true understanding of how much this meant to us…..oh and his extensive knowledge of HVAC units was key! Highly recommend Bill's for your HVAC needs!

Deirdre Coit's Profile Image
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Deirdre Coit, Last month

So glad we found Bills Superheat through a neighbor years ago. They are a great company, fabulous employees and great service. They are the ones to use in the Flathead Valley!

Maxwell Peeler's Profile Image
Maxwell Peeler, Last month

Great to work with highly recommend Bill and the crew no question!

Ryan Snider's Profile Image
Ryan Snider, Last month

So after being bounced around by a pervious company here in the valley for over a year on our compressor (who btw still has the unit and no fix to date has occurred) we got on the phone will Bills Superheat, and these guys instantly went above and beyond the call for service. They got me in the books that day, and waved the service fee just for our experience in the valley so far on this problem. Without question some of the nicest, professional, and courteous HVAC company I've ever had the pleasure of contacting. Would recommend to anyone out there needing some help or service. 10/10. Do yourself a favor and call these guys first.

Scott "Scooter" B, Last month

They did a great job installing my airconditioner in my business,great customer service as well....

Jess McNair's Profile Image
Jess McNair, Last month

Lake view care center in Bigfork would like to extend our deepest thanks for bills superheat making our residents a priority for the AC repair. Thank you for helping us keep our loved ones safe and cool. No other service in Kalispell would even come look until September. THANK YOU!!!

lynn venteicher's Profile Image
lynn venteicher, Last month

very through inspection and very considerate explanation and solution for carbon-monoxide leak