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Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators in Kalispell, MT

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What if you could have the fresh air from opening a window, without the energy efficiency loss that comes from losing out on heat or air conditioning that you pay for? Bill's Superheat, Inc. can install high-tech heat and energy recovery ventilators in Kalispell, MT that get the job done.

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These systems work remarkably well at keeping your home efficient with the added bonus of fresh air from the outside. Keep indoor pollutants at a minimum with a new install or targeted heat and energy recovery ventilator repair.

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Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilator Installation

What exactly does a heat and energy recovery ventilator installation do? It uses a process known as counterflow heat exchange, where outdoor air mixes with indoor air through a filter. Then, the heat or air conditioning is transferred to the fresh, outdoor air which then gets sent into your home, while the stale indoor air gets sent outside.

Energy recovery ventilators differ from heat recovery ventilators in that they also transfer humidity, which can be especially important during our dry seasons! Schedule an appointment today to learn more.

Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilator Repair

Is your HRV or ERV system not working properly? Perhaps it’s got a clogged filter or it’s still giving you stale air even as you pay for it to work. These are problems that can be called by calling our team in Kalispell, MT. Explore our heat and energy recovery ventilator maintenance options if you’re looking to keep repairs at a minimum.

Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilator Replacement

These systems can get worn down season after season. This is a completely natural process and it’s why we’re proud to offer heat and energy recovery ventilator replacements. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your HRV into an ERV system, or if your old unit needs to be replaced with a new one, our team can help.

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