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Our USA Maintenance Plan

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Protect Your Equipment with Our USA Maintenance Plan

With routine annual HVAC maintenance, you can decrease the likelihood of an expensive crisis system breakdown, increase the life expectancy of your HVAC equipment, ensure that the equipment is clean, and save money on your utility bills.

Our service technicians at Bill's Superheat, Inc. do this by thoroughly inspecting your HVAC systems, adjusting components that need it, and thoroughly cleaning the system to help it work as best it can.

When you become a member of our USA Maintenance Plan, you receive all these benefits and more, including a comprehensive 20-point inspection, where we:

  • Adjust Pilot
  • Adjust Gas Pressure
  • Clean Flame Sensor
  • Clean & Clear Drains
  • Inspect Evap Coll
  • Inspect Ductwork
  • Lubricate System
  • Measure Temperatures
  • Test Amps/Volts
  • Test for Gas Leaks
  • Test Starting Ability
  • Safety Controls
  • Test Refrigerant Level
  • Test Ignition Assembly
  • Test Condensate Pump
  • Test for Carbon Monoxide
  • Test CO Detectors If Installed
  • Test & Program Thermostat
  • Tighten Electrical Connections
  • Water Wash Outdoor Coil

USA Maintenance Plan Benefits

Don’t neglect the TLC your HVAC systems need to run for extended periods of time and provide you with efficient comfort every day. When you invest in our USA Maintenance Plan, you become one of our VIP members! With this you receive:

  • 20% Off Most Parts
  • 20-Point System Inspection
  • Lowest Rate Guarantee
  • Reduced Energy Cost
  • Lifetime Parts and Labor Warranty On Most Repairs With Active Agreement
  • Improved Reliability & Safety

Contact the Kalispell maintenance technicians at Bill's Superheat, Inc. today to schedule your next tune-up or to enroll in the USA Maintenance Plan!

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