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Heating Maintenance in Kalispell, MT

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Have you heard about our Ultimate Savings Agreement? This is our HVAC maintenance program that affords homeowners a variety of benefits. First of all, heating maintenance helps your heater perform better, last longer, and run more efficiently so it saves you money. Additionally, USA members receive our “No Price Increase” guarantee, limited 5-year parts and labor warranty on most repairs, a lifetime “no overtime” charge, our lowest rate guarantee, and more.

  • We Care about Our Customers!
  • You Can Count on Great Value and Quality Work
  • The USA Program Keeps Your HVAC Equipment Operating as Effectively as Possible

Don’t leave your heater’s performance and efficiency to chance. Be sure to take proper care of your heating equipment, and it will take good care of your Kalispell area home.

For quality heating maintenance, contact Bill's Superheat, Inc. today. We are “Here to Save the Day!”


Furnace Maintenance

Why is furnace maintenance so important? We mentioned above how maintenance helps the performance of your system. This is because our service technicians thoroughly inspect, clean, and adjust the system during each annual tune-up.

Without these steps, important things can be missed. A loose component can break off all the way and cause internal damage to the system. A cracked heat exchanger can leak harmful carbon monoxide into the air. Low airflow can be caused by dirty air filters and other components that lead to inefficient and expensive operation.

With routine maintenance from our Kalispell staff, you’ll never need to worry about these issues hitting you by surprise!

Ductless Heating Maintenance

Maintaining your ductless system is a bit different than getting a tune-up for your furnace or boiler. While furnaces and boilers should be tuned-up every fall, ductless systems are heat pumps. This means they get used year-round, for your heating and cooling needs. Therefore, they must have twice the work. Contact us to schedule your biannual ductless heating maintenance sessions.

Remember, without professional ductless heating maintenance, you can run into a number of problems, like an air handler that becomes separated from the wall, a stuck or broken reversing valve leaving your ductless system in cooling mode when you need it to heat, and more. You should be able to rely on your ductless heating system throughout the years of its useful service life, and you can do so by staying on top of maintenance with the help Bill's Superheat, Inc.!

Contact us today for comprehensive heating services!

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