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Humidifiers in Kalispell, MT

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If there is anything that the Kalispell area is well known for, it’s our long and chilly winters. Along with colder temperatures comes drier air, too. Perhaps you’ve been dealing with this inconvenience for years, or have been using portable room humidifiers to battle the problem, not knowing there’s another way. Well, there is! Contact Bill's Superheat, Inc. to learn about whole-home humidifier services.

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Find out how to stop suffering from effects like reduced immunity and frequent illnesses by installing a whole-house humidifier. We’re here to improve your comfort!

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Humidifier Installation

Many folks understand that too much humidity has big consequences for households, leading to mold growth as well as health implications for the families inside. However, since too much humidity isn’t something we deal with much here in Kalispell, it’s easy to brush off a need for any humidity control.

But the thing is, you can have too little humidity, too. Humidity is the amount of water vapor that exists in the air. Cold air doesn’t hold water vapor as well as warm air does. Therefore, it can actually get too dry. Unsure if a whole-house humidifier will benefit you? It will if:

  • Family members are often getting sick. Have you ever noticed that cold and flu season is worse in the wintertime? There’s a reason for this. Dry air dries out our sinuses and mucus membranes, which lowers immunity. As a result, it’s a lot easier to spread germs. When your home is too dry, it’s far easier for family members to pass illnesses among each other.
  • Respiratory issues run rampant in your home. If you or a family member experiences respiratory problems such as asthma or allergies, then it’s important to ensure there’s enough moisture in the home at all times. Sure, you could get room humidifiers, but you would have to have one, maybe even two, in every single room to see any real effect, which is a lot to maintain!
  • Wood furnishings are suffering. Dry air is also bad news for your property. If you have wood furnishings, picture frames, or precision wooden instruments, they can start splitting due to the dry air. Dry air can even cause hardwood floors to crack.
  • You want to lower your heating bill. When you have the right level of humidity in your home—between 30%–50% relative humidity—it helps you feel more comfortable because it’s easier to stay warm. As a result, you’ll be able to turn the thermostat down for your heater. Therefore, your heater won’t run as long or as often, ultimately saving energy and money.

Humidifier Repair

Just like any other indoor air quality or HVAC system, there may come a time where you discover you need whole-house humidifier repair. Turn to our Kalispell team for whatever your humidifier service needs are. In addition to reliable repairs, we provide whole-house humidifier replacement and humidifier maintenance.

No matter what indoor air quality services you need, we can help! Schedule an appointment with us today!

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