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Kirk K

Great job on my ductless heater by Bill's Superheat. My home is much more comfortable and my electric bill went down. I was way impressed.

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Jill W

Bill's Superheat was quickly at my house after my call concerning my furnace not working. The diagnosis was believable and timely. Although a remedy could not be implemented immediately, due to a part being ordered from Spokane, Bill, himself, came over to my home with space heaters and an electric blanket to get me through the interim until the necessary furnace part arrived.I cannot imagine any other company being so thoughtful.

Furthermore, when the new part was installed, the very most courteous tech was in charge. He explained everything to me clearly and took the time to show me the problem. The company even went so far as to see if my warranty would apply, based upon the age of my furnace. Although the warranty did not apply, the owner will come to my home, without additional charge, to see that protective measures are completed in order to prevent another bird( the cause of my furnace being broken) from getting into the chimney or the furnace engine again.

I find the owners and the technicians at Bill's Superheat to be the finest, most cooperative and human in their service. This positive experience is a rare and wonderful thing. I recommend Bills Superheat unconditionally.

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Sara Hemmer, This year
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Heather Fox, This year

This HVAC company is top notch. Professional and cleaned /serviced the HVAC and gas fireplace like a pro! Wore booties in my house and cleaned up everything before he left! Thank you!!! Highly recommend!!!

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Robert Blankenship, This year

Highly recommend this company. A friend recommended them to us and now we recommend them. They are timely, professional, keep you informed and great to work with!

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Asurisz, This year
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Darcie Hampton, This year
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David Eychner, This year

Bills superheat
I have used Bill's Superheat for years and am very pleased. They installed my mini split system and do annual maintenance. They are knowledgeable and professional. All of their staff, from service men to office staff are friendly, helpful and responsive. I have recommended them to my neighbor who had a previous service and they love Bills as well! Highly recommended! Also competitive prices.

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Barb Jefts, This year
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M SW, This year

From my first encounter with the sales team, office personnel, installation team, service, I am so very happy to have found Bill's SuperHeat and have them install a heat pump which I am very very pleased with.
After years of dealing with Bill, Lisa and their service personnel, I must say every question is answered and taken care of immediately. Service is excellent, and I find everyone knowledgeable, caring, and every detail looked into to be sure it is operating at its best.
Not only am I so happy to have the heat pump, I am thrilled to know that I have the Bill's SuperHeat team behind it!