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Jason Bridwell's Profile Image
Jason Bridwell, 3+ years ago

I am involved in a volunteer home renovation here in Kalispell for a family that has been displaced. Bill was kind enough to donate not only the materials, but also all of the labor required to install multiple heat duct runs in the home. The work was immaculate and timely. This is a company with not only technical expertise, but compassion for people in need. I could not recommend Bill's Superheat more highly!

Mark Gee's Profile Image
Mark Gee, 3+ years ago

I use Bill's Suerheat for my home and business and have always been completely satisfied with the work. They are friendly, efficient, trustworthy, and fair.

Sabrina Komenda's Profile Image
Sabrina Komenda, 3+ years ago

I refer all heating needs to Bill's Super Heat.They are very knowledgeable in all aspects of there business and Bill Burton is a pleasure to work with.

Morgan Piazzola's Profile Image
Morgan Piazzola, 3+ years ago

Brian Piazzola
I hired Bill to install new heat pump and gas furnace. The heat pump ended up having a problem in the coil that probably occurred during manufacturing. After several trips to Bigfork and after exhausting all other possibilities the problem was diagnosed. The manufacturer recommended to replace coil only but Bill pushed for them to replace whole unit due to unnecessary strain on system. This was not an easy sell, but with much persistence he pursuaded them to do the right thing and replace it. He did not have to go to these lengths but felt it was the right thing to do. New heat pump installed by friendly and professional technicians. I would highly recommend Bill and his team for all of your heating and a/c needs. Integrity and true colors are shown more when problems occur and they all went the extra mile to make things right!

Kirk Katzenmeyer's Profile Image
Kirk Katzenmeyer, 3+ years ago

Great job on my ductless heater by Bill's Superheat. My home is much more comfortable and my electric bill went down. I was way impressed.

Connie Shields's Profile Image
Connie Shields, 3+ years ago

Great customer service! Very professional and efficient technician. Fixed the issue with my furnace at a reasonable price. I will definitely use them again. Thank you Bill's Superheat for a good experience.

Charlotte Streit's Profile Image
Charlotte Streit, 3+ years ago

Bill and his crew were helpful, prompt, fairly priced and thorough in their explanations and answers. we were pleased with their work and the heat pump product they installed.

Bodo Brown's Profile Image
Bodo Brown, 3+ years ago

They gave me great service I have used another company before them and had a bad experience with them bill sent out a technician and knew what he was doing and solve my problem also they will get in touch with the manufacturer and the find out a few other things most companies will not do this will leave you up in the air really appreciate that

Donna Faller's Profile Image
Donna Faller, 3+ years ago

We just had our the unit we bought 5-6 years ago cleaned again and Paul not only did a fantastic job but also explained some features we had never used. Great Service Thanks

Mary Tepas's Profile Image
Mary Tepas, 3+ years ago

I smelled gas coming from my furnace! After giving us the all clear, the gas company tech said I just needed one part. I called and was assured everything would be ok. Bill gave me his cell phone number, got me the right part , and even showed me how to install it.
That is top notch customer service for you. They could have easily charged me for an emergency service call or not been willing to sell me the part, but they went above and beyond. They have a cute office pooch too!

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