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Levi Ridenour, Two years ago

I had another HVAC company come and look at my heat pump and they said the compressor was bad. Quoted me about $3,500 to fix it! Bill himself came out and said the compressor was fine and he thought it was a contactor on the unit. It was and was replaced for $200! Highly recommend Bills superheat! Very honest and knowledgeable group! Not to mention he figured it would be around $1,500 to replace the compressor if it was actually bad. Thanks Bill!!

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Mike Long, Two years ago

Great people and nice to have them work on your broken down furnace and very wise .

Wanda Craig's Profile Image
Wanda Craig, 3+ years ago

Great service, very friendly. Stood by their work. Super company because of Super people!

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Gypsy Mountainman, 3+ years ago

fast friendly service,

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Kelly Skare, 3+ years ago

Bill's Superheat was great, they were very professional, met us when it was convenient for us for the quote. The quote we received was more than $1000 cheaper on our heat pump ac install than the competition for the exact same equipment. They were recommended by a family member that had also had excellent service. We would highly recommend for any heating or cooling work that you have.

Deborah J Breault's Profile Image
Deborah J Breault, 3+ years ago

Okay, I don't know where to begin, Bill's Super Heat employees are the kind of people that rarely exist in this world anymore they are all caring, kind, knowledgeable and helpful. So here's my story in a nutshell, you know those commercials on TV about special pillows and mattresses to give you a great night sleep! Well forget about all that stuff I am such a horrible light sleeper an ant farting crossing the room wakes me up! So before we had this system installed I asked Bill how loud are these units? He told me you won't even realize it's on! Well he was so right I have not slept this great in 40 years no kidding. The unit is right above our bed, now your thinking that's crazy! But it is really really quiet OMG it's amazing our room stays the perfect temperature, cool but not to cool and not to hot it's just right!! We had five Mitsubishi Mini Split units installed. And now we are living in total comfort you cannot believe how quiet and efficient they are. Have Bill bring you by and check them out for yourself they are easy to operate and they look great they totally blend in with our decor. There installer Mike was amazing he was Polite, Clean, Neat and thoughtful. They called if they were going to be late, showed up on time when they said they would, just amazing, I'm telling you they are the best! The office staff is so helpful all the warranty paper work was filled in and given to me when the job was completed. Call them now before the summer heat causes you to lose sleep which could make you tired and cranky. A good nights sleep is priceless and life is way too short to be uncomfortable.

Our Thanks to Bill and his Super Team
Deborah & Sylvain

Gaydyn Wood's Profile Image
Gaydyn Wood, 3+ years ago

Bill and his staff are the Best!
Reliable, dependable and custumer orientated. Responded immediately to my questions and concerns. I recommend Bills Superheat .

Bruce Fredrickson's Profile Image
Bruce Fredrickson, 3+ years ago

Great Service! Just had our Spring AC checkup completed. On time, efficiently completed, and friendly service.

Grant Fredenberg's Profile Image
Grant Fredenberg, 3+ years ago

I called Bill's Superheat to inspect a furnace on a house I was looking to purchase. The home inspector (the home inspector noticed the issues) and mold inspector suggested I do so since the furnace was in a crawl space that had condensation issues.

I am so very thankful that I did! Bill's Superheat was very quick and thorough with their inspection.

After looking at the numbers and the issues with the house I wouldn't budge on the furnace not being replaced. Yes the furnace would work today and possibly tomorrow but no one could say if it would work next winter. Especially since the furnace was in a crawl space that had a lot of condensation and ground water issues.

Thank you Bill's Superheat for being quick, honest and knowledgeable. You and the other inspectors I had check things on the house possibly saved me thousands of dollars down the road.

Chris Coen's Profile Image
Chris Coen, 3+ years ago

My wife was pregnant and the summer heat was almost too much to bare. Bill quickly got me on the schedule and installed our A/C unit into our existing HVAC system. 10 years later and the system is still running flawlessly. I would highly recommend Bill's Superheat.