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Is Your Central AC Short Cycling?

Monday, April 17th, 2023

This is the time of year where customers turn on their systems to find them running less than perfectly. Perhaps you’re more keenly aware of the noise since it’s been a long winter, or maybe you’ve just started following our blog so you’re more knowledgeable in this industry. Either way, an air conditioner has one right way to work and it’s up to you to know what it is.

Short cycling is a phenomenon where an air conditioner runs in short, frequent bursts instead of longer and more powerful cycles. Short cycling might just sound like a quirk at first glance, but it’s serious problem that can lead to heavy deterioration and the early replacement of your central AC unit.

So, while you’re reading this blog post, make sure you call our team for central AC service in Kalispell, MT and continue to learn more about how an AC might start to short cycle, and what that means for you.

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