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Is Your Furnace Making This Sound?

Monday, November 14th, 2022

There are many noises a machine like a furnace can make. If it’s gently whirring in the distance while it provides your home with heat, or even if it clicks once to turn on, these are sounds that you shouldn’t be worried about. After all, a furnace needs to give you a sign that its working, and those can be good noises, as long as they’re not too loud.

However, there’s one noise we want to talk about today, and that’s booming. A booming furnace requires heater repair in Kalispell, MT, even if it still works efficiently. That booming sound is a particular kind of problem that could lead to safety issues down the line, or even a full breakdown if it’s neglected for long enough.

Let’s talk about a booming furnace. We’ll cover why this happens, the science behind it, and what you can do to stop it.

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Keep Your Home Healthy This Fall

Monday, October 17th, 2022

When temperatures start to dip and get cold in our neck of the woods, it can be easy to hyper-focus on the heating system. It makes sense, a heating system is a must-have for anyone that’s looking to spend a fall, winter, and spring here. But heating isn’t the only metric of your home comfort. Things can get exceptionally dry in the winter, and that dryness can have a lot of negative effects on your home and life.

If you haven’t investigated humidifier service in Kalispell, MT, then now might be a good time. We’re not just talking about a portable humidifier to help you sleep, we’re talking about a heavy-duty humidifier that can balance humidity levels throughout your whole house. They’ll help keep your plants alive, your home in good shape, and your personal health from suffering.

Let’s discuss why a humidifier is such a good investment.

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The Best Fit for an Air Purifier

Monday, October 3rd, 2022

We’ll be the first ones to tell you that not every home is going to be perfect for an air purifier. While they can’t really harm you, there are probably other things that certain homeowners need the money for than an air purifier. These systems are specifically designed to remove contaminants from the air, depending on the make and model of the system, and they operate in very efficient ways. Some homes might be better suited for an air filter, but the point we’re trying to make is that different homes need different solutions.

If your home is inundated with foul odors and people in it are constantly getting sick or feeling ill, then this might be the time to get an air purifier in Kalispell, MT. Air purifiers, especially UV germicidal lights, are designed to remove biological contaminants from the air like mold spores, bacteria, and viruses.

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Fall Is Perfect for Heater Maintenance

Monday, September 19th, 2022

September is here (and almost gone), which means we’re full steam ahead towards the rest of the fall season! It’s time to bust out the Halloween costume and send the kids back to school because the leaves are going to be changing colors and our schedules are likely to change.

This is good news for anyone who is trying to plan ahead. Unlike summer or winter, fall is a season where temperatures can be more mild and you’re not in dire need of assistance when it comes to your heating. Sure, if you wait long enough eventually it will get cold enough to warrant a heating emergency, but until then your heater isn’t going to be as needed. That’s why we recommend investing in heater maintenance in Kalispell, MT.

Maintenance is going to help your system last longer and perform better during this cold season. And down below, we’ve listed some reasons why fall is the best time to get it!

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Our Guide to the Fall Transition

Monday, September 5th, 2022

While temperatures might still be pretty high, and we’re not quite out of air conditioning season yet–you can probably feel the change in the air. Kids are all starting to go back to school, the leaves are beginning to change, and the air just smells and feels a bit different than it did at the beginning of August.

When seasons change, it can often be hard to acclimate when there’s so much going on in our personal lives. All of a sudden, you might open your eyes one morning and your furnace is starting to kick on as temperatures drop below 50. So, to make things easier for all of our customers, we want to talk about some helpful tips to help you acclimate to the changing seasons easily.

Remember, our team can help with HVAC maintenance in Kalispell, as well as heating or cooling system repairs. Just give us a call if you think there’s something wrong or if you need help with your comfort technology.

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It Might Be Time to Go Ductless!

Monday, August 22nd, 2022

Ductless air conditioners are more common today than they have been in recent history. It’s not just because they’re some of the newest air conditioning and heating models on the market, but also due to other environmental factors like climate change, rising energy prices, and innovations that make them more convenient than other systems. That’s why we’d like to take some time today to talk about why your home might be perfect for our next ductless installation!

Ductless AC in Kalispell, MT is a great way to deal with our fluctuating temperatures each season. From chilly springs to hot falls, we can get a whole range of temperatures throughout the year and ductless heat pumps are designed specifically to deal with them.

These systems aren’t just air conditioners either–they’re heating systems that can keep your home comfortable on chilly days with just a minor amount of electricity being the cost.

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Late AC Maintenance Is Still Worth It

Monday, August 8th, 2022

Air conditioning maintenance is a service that really comes to fruition when you get it done regularly. Your AC can more easily reach the 10-15 year lifespan, run efficiently, and even cool your home better with routine maintenance that’s scheduled every year.

However, nobody lives in a vacuum. Things happen in our lives that can bump into these kinds of purchases and simply jump to the front of the line in terms of priorities. Perhaps you’re planning for your daughter’s wedding, or you’ve got a recently broken-down car that needs to be replaced. These are important expenses that we understand take first priority.

So, if you were busy spending on important things and missed your chance for AC maintenance in Kalispell, MT, then don’t worry. Late maintenance is actually still just as effective as early maintenance, as long as you get it done in a yearly fashion. Keep reading to learn more!

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7 Reasons to Change Your Air Filter

Monday, July 25th, 2022

Your air filter is a vital component to your air conditioning system. So vital, in fact, that we can think of seven reasons off the top of our heads that you should replace it every now and then. Not only does it heavily impact the effectiveness of your air conditioning unit, but it also seriously impacts the efficiency, your indoor air quality, and more. What we’re trying to say is that your air filter needs attention, perhaps more attention than you’d give the rest of the system!

See, the other benefit of an air filter is that it’s designed to be changed out by a homeowner. They’re relatively easy to inspect, clean, and replace. Other components in an air conditioning system are not that simple and require very specific training that only a professional goes through.

We urge everyone for the following reasons to change out their air filters, or at least call our team for air conditioning services in Kalispell, MT.

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We Have a New Location!

Monday, July 18th, 2022

Where will our new location be? Well, the address of the new place will be located at 172 Frontage Rd., Kalispell, MT. Just a little south of the Kalispell town proper, it will be sandwiched between our good neighbors Bullwinkles Coffee, and one of our favorites, Big Sky Rents.

Our business has grown to the point that we realize that we have to move. We currently operate out of two separate shops on the same piece of property, which is unsustainable at the moment. So, we’re so happy to finally have a place to expand to so we can do great work for our customers.

Our new building will be a free-span steel building of 8000 ft.² with seven separate loading and unloading bays. Each will have its own overhead door. Efficiency is paramount in the design. We will be able to increase the efficiency of our operations and better serve our customers in every way shape and form. The move-in date is scheduled for the first of the year 2023 and construction is currently underway.

The new building will even have a custom kitchen for cooking great lunches and the smell of cookies permeating throughout. We treat our team like family, so we’re excited to take advantage of such a cool and homey spot to branch out our business, meet customer needs, and enjoy our jobs.
Every employee is super involved and excited about our new move.

Our goal is to provide the highest customer experience possible from any HVAC company anywhere. Our new building will help us to achieve that.

We hope you’ll continue to call Bill’s Superheat, Inc. for all of your heating, cooling, and indoor air quality needs. Here to Save the Day!

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AC Fact-Check: Is That Foul Odor Coming From Your AC?

Monday, June 27th, 2022

Believe it or not, sometimes an air conditioner can exude a pretty foul odor that perplexes its owner. After all, air conditioners only cool air and reduce the humidity levels a little bit, how can that result in a strange or unpleasant odor?

Well, the truth is a bit more complicated than your air conditioner just “producing” a foul odor. Some odors can be caused by things like mold throughout your home, but other times there can be mold growing right inside of your air conditioner which causes it to produce a bad smell. This is what we’re going to talk about today.

If you think your home would do better with an odor-eliminating air purifier, then you can call our team right now to get one installed. Otherwise, if you think the odor is coming from your air conditioner, then keep reading. We’ll discuss why you might need professional AC service in Kalispell, MT.

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