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Do Heat Pumps Work in Cold Climates?

Monday, October 18th, 2021

Your heating system might be on its last legs and you’re looking into heat pumps as a viable heating replacement in Kalispell, MT. Or, perhaps you’re a new homeowner and you’d like to invest in a high-efficiency heat pump that can help lower your energy bills for the next few years. Regardless of what your position is, we can help you by providing some much needed information.

There are a few misconceptions circulating about heat pump systems in our neck of the woods. We live in a pretty cold climate that can be tough on heating systems during the height of winter, which is why it’s so important that homeowners understand what systems work and what systems don’t.

Can a heat pump work efficiently in a cold climate like ours? Is it a better idea to go with a furnace than a series of ductless mini splits for your heating replacement? We’ll answer these questions down below.

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To Replace or Repair, That Is the Question!

Monday, January 25th, 2021

We might need to brush up on our Shakespeare (if you hadn’t noticed), but one thing we don’t need a refresher course on is heating replacement in Kalispell, MT. When viewing heating systems, it’s important to look at the long term of the machinery. If you don’t look far in advance, you might get taken off guard by an expensive repair need no matter how vigilant you’ve been towards the health of your system.

This is quite the conundrum, because many homeowners believe that they can keep their ancient heaters going for as long as possible if they’re repaired by the right team. That’s not true, not even close.

Heaters only last for a certain amount of time before they become inefficient and cost-ineffective. Keep reading as we talk about some major signs to look for as to whether it’s time to repair or replace your aging heater.

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