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To Replace or Repair, That Is the Question!

We might need to brush up on our Shakespeare (if you hadn’t noticed), but one thing we don’t need a refresher course on is heating replacement in Kalispell, MT. When viewing heating systems, it’s important to look at the long term of the machinery. If you don’t look far in advance, you might get taken off guard by an expensive repair need no matter how vigilant you’ve been towards the health of your system.

This is quite the conundrum, because many homeowners believe that they can keep their ancient heaters going for as long as possible if they’re repaired by the right team. That’s not true, not even close.

Heaters only last for a certain amount of time before they become inefficient and cost-ineffective. Keep reading as we talk about some major signs to look for as to whether it’s time to repair or replace your aging heater.

It’s Time to Evaluate

Take a deep breath and think about your heater for a second. How long has it been chugging down in your basement keeping you warm? How often do you call us for repairs? How much does it cost month after month? If you’ve never thought about these kinds of things, then you don’t need to panic. But it’s about time you did if you’re nervous about an imminent breakdown. Here are some important points to pay attention to with your aging heater.

  • Age. How old is your heater? Furnaces, for example, are only supposed to last somewhere between 10-15 years. Beyond that, they drastically lose efficiency, cost an arm and a leg to repair, and become prone to breakdowns. If you’re looking at a furnace that’s near that age, we highly recommend talking with us about replacement.
  • Efficiency. How much do you pay for heating every month? If the numbers are skyrocketing and starting to affect your budget, then there could be something seriously impacting them. This could be reason enough to invest in a replacement system that keeps bills low and energy consumption minimal.
  • Frequency of Repairs. We love to hear from homeowners in our area. Unfortunately, if you’re calling us for heater help multiple times a year, there’s something clearly wrong with your system and we’re going to be honest about that. Why not look at replacing your aging system with one that’s going to cause less headaches?
  • Cost of Repairs. If your repair needs are starting to affect your home budget, then you might find more savings and cost-effectiveness with a replacement system. A good rule of thumb to remember is that once repair costs extend past half the cost of a new replacement, then it’s always in your best interest to replace your system.
  • Comfort Levels. If your heater can’t keep you comfortable, then what better reason would there be to invest in a heater replacement that can keep you comfortable?

Call Us

Is it shocking to see how badly you need to replace your system? Don’t worry, we can help you feel normal again and minimize costs as much as possible, just call our team today.

For prompt heater service, contact Bill’s Superheat, Inc. Here to Save the Day!

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