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The Science Behind Odors in Your Air

Overwhelming or foul odors can be quite the phenomenon in our homes. Sometimes they’re great, like when we’re baking a cake or cookies, and the gentle smell of treats wafts through the air in your home. Many times they’re bad, and you get the whiff of dust, debris, mold, pet dander, and even bacteria floating through your air. Thankfully, our noses are actually well-equipped to handle spotting foul odors and detecting their source.

Today, we’re going to talk about how our nostrils detect foul odors in our home. Through a pretty unique biological process, we can pinpoint where an odor might be coming from, and then we can find a solution to mitigate it. Our team provides air purifiers in Whitefish, MT so you can have these nasty particles completely removed and your air returned to being fresh and clean.

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How We Pick Up Foul Odors

Our nostrils have the unique ability to pick up microscopic particles from the air and analyze them. This aids us in some pretty important tasks like eating and drinking, since our nostrils can further analyze the smell and taste of certain things in combination with our mouths.

This means that when you’re detecting a bad smell in your home, it’s not just some ethereal quality that’s subjective, you’re picking up real particles of something that might be unsanitary or unsafe. Mold, for instance, can easily make our noses recoil in disgust, but that also means we’re detecting a mold infestation somewhere in the home. If you’re detecting multiple foul odors, or even one seriously bad odor, then you might have a problem that needs to be addressed.

Removing Odors At the Source

Unfortunately, cleaning your home isn’t going to get at the problem most of the time. Cleaning takes care of surface bacteria and other contaminants, but it doesn’t really get at the contaminants that might be hidden in crawlspaces and other areas that you rarely go. That’s where air purification technology can help.

Air purifiers aim to eliminate contaminants at their source, and remove them from the air as it cycles through your house. Many contaminants spread their infestation through the breathable air in your home, so an air purifier effectively cuts off this propagation. Cleaning your house regularly in combination with an air purifier cleaning the air can make a major difference.

Air Purifier Technology

Air purifiers are able to clean the air and eliminate odors because of one powerful thing—ultraviolet light. UV light irradiates single-celled organisms like mold spores, bacteria, and viruses. These contaminants that are usually the culprits behind foul odors can immediately have their DNA disrupted so that they can’t reproduce.. They’ll float to a surface where you can clean them up, but you don’t have to worry about them infecting you. An air purifier renders these particles harmless.

With fewer contaminants in your home causing you trouble, you’ll see a dramatic decrease in foul odors. Couple your air purifier with an air filtration system, and you’ll see the elimination of dust, debris, and pet dander as well!

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