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“My AC Is Leaking What?”

Uh oh, you’re hearing the telltale signs of a refrigerant leak. Either you’ve got a hissing or bubbling air conditioner, or maybe the system’s efficiency levels are really starting to cost you. But either way, it sounds to us like you’re dealing with a refrigerant leak. This is a fairly common problem with air conditioners, and since we’re at the very beginning of the cooling season, it only makes sense to get it fixed ASAP.

Air conditioning systems rely on refrigerant in a closed-loop system to deliver cooling to your home’s air. With less refrigerant (because more of it is leaking), this job gets harder and harder to do. You can’t really DIY a fix of this magnitude, because the system requires very precise AC repair in Kalispell, MT that can only be done by licensed professionals.

Keep reading to learn more about refrigerant leaks and what you can do to fix yours.

How Does an AC Leak Refrigerant?

This might seem like a trick question, but we understand why homeowners might be confused. We say that your air conditioner is a “closed-loop,” which means that it’s not meant to lose any refrigerant on operation. So, how does a leak occur? Well, it occurs in the same way that a plumbing leak might happen. Over time, through sheer pressure and friction, a hole might open up on your refrigerant line and cause gaseous refrigerant to leak out.

Your compressor is responsible for keeping refrigerant at a high pressure. This means that the lines need to be strong enough to keep the pressurized refrigerant inside of them. Just one small error or hiccup could lead to a refrigerant leak, so it’s more of a common problem than you might think.

Discovering a Refrigerant Leak

The most important thing that you can prioritize as a homeowner is discovering your refrigerant leak before it becomes a huge problem. Here are a few signs of a refrigerant leak:

  • Energy bills are rising.
  • There’s a bubbling or hissing noise coming from your air conditioner.
  • The system is sending lukewarm air throughout the air vents of your home.
  • The system is overheating and unable to run for a normal cycle.

Without the proper amount of refrigerant inside the system, your air conditioner is just not going to be able to cool your home sustainably. It might even shut down or break down prematurely because it can’t handle the pressure of trying to cool without adequate refrigerant.

Here’s What to Do

First of all, you’ll need to call our team for support. Our professional technicians can not only recharge the refrigerant in your air conditioner, but we can patch the leak once it’s located. Then, we can test the system’s functionality to ensure it’s running properly.

Basically, if you call our team and schedule a repair, we’ll fix your system completely. Until then, try to remain calm and cool, and don’t try to fix your unit yourself! Trying to perform DIY fixes on your air conditioning system could lead to more expensive problems to fix down the line.

Contact Bill’s Superheat, Inc. for help with your refrigerant leak. Here to Save the Day!

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