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What’s Wrong With My Heat Pump?


Now that temperatures are getting cold, it’s important to have your heating system running in good shape. We’re not here to judge anyone on whether they’ve gotten maintenance on their HVAC systems or not, but what we do want to address is some potential faulty operations in your heat pump.

If it’s malfunctioning in any way, like if the temperature settings aren’t reading correctly or if the system is sending out cold or lukewarm air, then this blog post is for you.

Heat pumps are just like other forced-air heating systems, they can run into problems. Sometimes those problems can be fixed by a homeowner, which we’ll get into below. Other problems require professional heat pump repairs in Bigfork, MT. Your job is figuring out which is needed and getting it handled as quickly as possible.

We’ll be on standby in case you need us.

4 Issues With Your Heat Pump

In order to make things easier for you, we’re going to talk about four unique issues that might happen to your heat pump. The solutions could vary depending on your unique situation and the heat pump in question, but we’ll do our best to troubleshoot for you.

Keep in mind that diagnosing and fixing a problem is only something that a truly licensed and certified professional can do. We’re going to help as much as we can, but nothing replaces hard work and professional service.

  • Lukewarm or cold temperatures. This could be related to multiple different problems, but let’s start with the easy fixes. First, we’d recommend changing the air filter of the system, checking the calibration on the thermostat, and also checking if the unit has been switched from cooling mode to heating mode. Remember, the heat pump will only provide air conditioning unless it has been specifically switched to heating mode!
  • No airflow. This can be a problem with various different parts. First things first, check the air filter. A clogged air filter will usually cut off airflow and make it harder for your heat pump to work properly. Then, we’d recommend listening as your heat pump runs. If it sounds particularly quiet, it might be due to the fact that the blower fan isn’t working, and that’s why the heat being created isn’t getting to any of the rooms of your house.
  • A system that’s shutting off. A system that’s constantly shutting down could be due to a few things. The first could be an electrical issue. If the heat pump is drawing too much electricity and causing circuits to trip, then it would shut down improperly. Another problem might be that the system is overheating, which could be due to a clogged air filter and other component issues.
  • A difference in mini splits. If you’ve got a ductless heat pump and notice that one of the mini splits is working worse than the others, this is a problem. The bad news is that it’s likely a problem with that mini split and requires repairs. The good news is that your other mini splits will continue to work properly while this one gets fixed.

Bill’s Superheat, Inc. will always be here to help. Contact us to have your heat pump repaired. Here to Save the Day! 

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