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Heating Emergencies Vs. Scheduled Repairs

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Figuring out when your heating system is in need of emergency help, or just a scheduled repair in a few days or weeks is a difficult thing to deal with.

Our team advertises directly that we provide 24/7 emergency services to anyone who needs them, and that’s partially why we feel comfortable with a slogan that’s “Here to Save the Day!”

But in truth, it’s hard for a customer to figure out whether they need emergency repairs or not. This blog is going to break it down.

If you’ve been wondering how bad a problem is and whether or not it needs to be fixed right now, you’re in the right place. In an ideal world, we’d like to say that every problem should be fixed quickly, the reality of the situation is different. Let’s figure out what kind of heating service in Bigfork, MT you need, and whether you need it now or later.

Scheduled Repairs Can Wait…For Now

The most important thing when determining what a scheduled repair and emergency repair should be, is that no repair deserves to wait too long. If your heating system is making a booming noise, or a rattling sound, that might technically not be much of an emergency if it’s still easily heating your home and allowing you to live your life. But don’t get too comfortable!

This kind of problem can compound and get worse over time, leading to an eventual emergency like a heating unit breakdown or a system that’s giving off a foul odor or burning smell.

Here are three ways to tell if your heating system can wait for a scheduled date to be repaired:

  • It’s still heating your home. Simply put, if your heating system is still heating your house, then it’s likely not an emergency. Check out the next section because if it’s unsafe, then it doesn’t matter how well its working; an unsafe heater is always an emergency.
  • It can still work without being too loud or uncomfortable. Sometimes one of the easiest ways we can determine if a furnace or other heating system is struggling is through noises. If the system is still working while making a noise, then it might not be an emergency.
  • Your heater is still responsive. When we say that it’s “responsive,” we mean that it still registers changes to the thermostat and you can still control it. This is a good sign because it means your system hasn’t run into an electrical problem that would allow it to heat too much or shut down entirely.

Everything to Know About an Emergency Repair

Are you more nervous about your faulty furnace and you want to check if it’s an emergency? Here are three ways to tell if it needs to be fixed ASAP.

  • The system is broken down. A furnace that’s completely broken is going to leave your home cold and sometimes dangerous. Don’t hesitate to call us for emergency repairs.
  • There’s a foul odor of gas coming from the unit. If gas is leaking from the system, you’ll pick up on a foul odor coming from it. This is a potential fire hazard and needs to be addressed immediately.
  • You get a headache or other symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal and is a danger to you and your family. If you exhibit any symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, call for emergency help and leave the premises.

Contact Bill’s Superheat, Inc. for your emergency HVAC needs. Here to Save the Day! 

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