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Everything to Know About Your Heater’s Blower Fan

Did you know that every heating system that heats the air of a home relies on fans? This type of heating system is called a forced-air heating unit, and those fans are specifically called blowers. They’re a vital part of the heating process.

Heating systems don’t operate like fireplaces or stoves. Those kinds of systems just send the heat outward in an inefficient way, but they’re mostly used for slight comfort and ambiance. A fireplace is just not going to be able to heat all of the rooms of your house while a furnace will, as it works with a complex fan system.

The blowers are so vital to your home’s heating, that a problem with them could cause a serious hold-up in your home’s comfort and efficiency. And no, we don’t recommend customers try to fix these components themselves. Let’s talk about why a broken blower fan might need heating repair in Columbia Falls, MT.

“Why Does My Heater Need a Blower Fan?”

Gas furnaces and other forced-air heating systems are excellent at heating a space while using a minimal amount of fuel or energy. That’s one of the great perks of this kind of heating system, it can warm up your entire home with just a fraction of the fuel that a fireplace would require.

However, the air doesn’t magically turn warm. The furnace is a centralized heating system, which means it operates in one location and heats air up in one place. Then, it’s up to two components to send the air to where it needs to be.

First, we have the air ducts which are like the “roads” that your warmed up air needs to travel on. But the real star of the show is the blower fan, which propels the air to where you can feel it.

The Anatomy of a Blower Fan

Here are some important parts of the blower fan that might need repairs if your system isn’t working correctly.

  • The fan. You know what this looks like. It’s a bunch of large fan blades that push air through a ventilation system.
  • The housing. The housing is what we call the sheet metal that covers the fan system. This part can sometimes rub against the fan blades and cause friction as well as some other problems.
  • The motor. The fan requires electricity to run, which is where the motor comes into play. Yes, gas furnaces still require electricity to power certain components like this one.

Heat Pumps Also Have Blower Fans

If you’re a heat pump owner, you’re not out of the woods yet. Heat pumps are also forced-air heating systems just like furnaces, which means they too need to have a component that’s responsible for distributing the heated (or cooled) air that gets created. The air ducts serve as the pathway, but something needs to propel the air through the ducts, and that’s a blower fan system.

If you’re the owner of a heat pump and you don’t feel the air that the system is producing, even though your ducts are in good shape, then you might need to have the blower system fixed.

For fast and reliable heating repair, be sure to contact Bill’s Superheat, Inc. Here to Save the Day!

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