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Is AC Maintenance REALLY Necessary?

When it comes to HVAC services, because of how expensive they can be and how intrusive they feel, homeowners don’t want to pay for things they don’t have to. Here’s the list we usually run into:

  • Professional AC installation? Necessary.
  • Professional AC repairs? Necessary.
  • Fast and affordable AC replacement? Necessary.
  • AC Maintenance? Optional.

Is this how you think of AC services? If so, then we’ve got a major change we think you should make. Air conditioning maintenance isn’t as optional as some neighbors and family friends might tell you it is. While it might be the easy target on the list of necessary services, the benefits that this service provides quickly add up and provide you with a ton of savings down the line. So yes, AC maintenance really is necessary.

When we explain just how much air conditioning maintenance in Kalispell, MT helps, you’ll realize why it’s such a huge mistake to skip it.

Why Invest in AC Maintenance?

That’s a very good question and we’d like to answer it in two parts.

The first reason to invest in maintenance is the knowledge and savings going forward. Maintenance allows a professional to make routine adjustments to your system, fix small repairs needs, and also run an inspection to catch any budding issues. This means you’ll get the lowdown on how your system is doing and where it’s headed. If you’re a proponent of proactive service and you want to avoid surprise repairs down the line, then maintenance is a top priority.

The second reason for maintenance is the harsh reality of wear and tear. Your AC will start running into problems with efficiency, repair needs, and broken down components as it runs year after year. Maintenance ensures that our team takes care of these problems, limits the loss of efficiency, and keeps the system running in peak performance.

Basically, with maintenance services, you’re getting what you paid for when you signed up for AC installation years back.

Our USA Maintenance Program

While our USA maintenance program includes a whole inspection list that we urge you to take a look at, it also involves some unique benefits that we hope keep you coming back for more. Here are just a few of them:

  • A “No Price Increase” Guarantee for as long as you’re part of the program.
  • A Limited 5-Year Parts & Labor Warranty on most repairs.
  • A Lifetime “No Overtime Charges” Guarantee.
  • Our “Lowest Rate” Guarantee.
  • Select Members-Only Discounts on systems and services.

Please… Don’t Skip Maintenance

Look, if you were to take anything away from this blog post, it should be that skipping maintenance is a terrible idea. It lowers the efficiency on average of your AC system by 5% each year you skip maintenance. It allows you to be surprised by a repair need that pops up, since without maintenance, a professional won’t be able to run system diagnostics and tell you about any upcoming repairs.

Skipping maintenance is just not a good idea. This fact alone makes AC maintenance absolutely worth every penny.

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