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When Is AC Replacement a Good Idea?

This is a tricky question. Some homeowners would tell you, point-blank, that you should never replace your air conditioner unless you have to. While we absolutely do not agree with this idea, we understand the sentiment. As homeowners, we want to take care of our equipment so that it lasts as long as possible. The only problem with this is that many homeowners don’t know how long their air conditioners should last.

Well, unfortunately your air conditioner is not going to last 25 years. Well, it won’t last that long without costing you an arm and a leg, that’s for sure. These systems require replacement after a certain amount of years and we’ll get into some of the reasons why.

We can help you with air conditioning replacement in Kalispell, MT, but we want homeowners to be on board with the idea that their systems won’t last forever. Once this is clear, it becomes easy to put together an affordable, comfortable path forward.

When Replacement Is a Bad Idea

Firstly, in order to show you where we’re coming from, we think it’s important that we address when not to get a replacement. Not every home should have their air conditioner replaced, and if you’re dealing with a problem, you could just need repairs.

Repairs Will Be Necessary Sometimes

If your AC was professionally installed and has just run into its first set of repairs ever, then it’s highly unlikely that your system will need to be replaced. Every air conditioner will need repairs at certain points in its life, and that’s pretty much unavoidable. At least let one of our technicians take a look before you start exploring replacement options.

Premature Replacement

Another reason why replacement could be a bad idea is if your system is less than ten years old in age. Air conditioners are built to last, and if you start considering replacement after only a few years, you’re probably going to lose out on a lot of money overall. Think of your air conditioner as an investment, and the earlier you replace it, the more money you’re wasting.

When Replacement Is a Good Idea

So, let’s talk about when you should investigate getting your air conditioner replaced. If any of the points below can be applied to your situation, then call our team so we can give you a comfort consultation and an expert opinion.

  • Old age. An air conditioner that’s 10 years old or older needs to be replaced soon, because they’re not designed to last longer than that.
  • Inefficiency. If your AC is getting more and more expensive with each passing year, then you might need replacement.
  • Frequent repairs. While a repair here and there isn’t bad, repairs every year or every two years can be a nightmare. If you’re dealing with this, then professional replacement might stop the problem in its entirety.
  • A failed compressor. The compressor is the most expensive and integral part of the AC. If your system’s compressor needs to be replaced, you might be better off replacing the whole system.

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