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Prepare Your Home for Spring AND Summer

When people are busy, it can be hard to prepare months in advance. Especially with vaccines rolling out and this pandemic slowly drawing to a close, summer still feels like it’s years away. Except for the fact that it will arrive before you know it, like it does every year.

So, what are some ways that you can prepare for both the spring that’s here and the summer that’s coming? After all, you’re busy—you want to make the most economical use of your time. Don’t just work on something that’s important for the spring, since by the time you’re done, springtime will be over!

Well, you could analyze the state of your air conditioner and heating system, and figure out whether a new AC installation in Kalispell, MT could help you going forward. Perhaps it’s time you invested in some heating and cooling technology, like a heat pump or a ductless mini split!

Two Birds With One Stone

Heat pumps and ductless mini splits are an answer to an age old question in our area. How can I heat and cool my home from one efficient system? We like to think that just because we get inundated with snow and frigid temperatures, that we’re only relegated to gas furnaces and anything else is just not possible. But that’s not really the case.

The Efficient Heat Pump

Heat pumps work similarly to how an air conditioner works. Refrigerant cycles through the system, evaporating and drawing heat with it. This then cools the air of your home and moves the heat from the inside to the outside. Simple, right?

Well, a heat pump can also function in reverse. This means it can use refrigerant to draw in heat from the outdoors and move it inside. This turns your air conditioning system into a heating system at the flip of a switch. And, to make matters even more exciting, heat pumps move heat from one location to another instead of creating it, which is a much more efficient process!

A Ductless Solution

One downside to a heat pump system is that it requires air ducts to function. If your heater or air conditioner that you’re looking to replace also uses air ducts, but they’re in terrible condition, then you might want to steer away from a ducted system. Why not try a ductless solution?

Ductless mini splits are basically heat pumps that work without air ducts. They provide heating or cooling power from up to four air handlers that are strategically placed throughout your house. They all then connect to one central outdoor cabinet that draws the heat in from the air. No air ducts, no problems!

Keep In Mind…

While heat pumps are efficient and work for the whole year, there are a couple things you should know before investing in one. For starters, it needs to be maintained every six months instead of annually, because technically it’s working twice as hard as a normal HVAC system. Also, if temperatures drop too low, a heat pump won’t be as efficient as a gas furnace. So, keep in mind the prospective temperature of your area, the price of electricity, and the unique maintenance needs of this kind of unit.

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