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3 Signs Your Heater Is on Its Way Out

It’s almost wintertime! This means that we’ll be getting a lot of calls from customers out there who need help with their heating systems. From furnaces to heat pumps, this coming season really tests the limits of what our heaters can do and why professional service is so important.

Today, we wanted to focus on three unique signs that your heater might be telling you it doesn’t just need repairs, but that it might need an entire heater replacement in Kalispell, MT. We know that this might not be the easiest topic to read about, and it’s definitely harder to plan for than heating repair, but it’s absolutely worth doing research into. Just like any large investment, the payoff can be huge when you do your own research and learn about what heating systems are available.

So, let’s start talking about whether or not you might need a heater replacement in your home!

1. Your Heater Needs Frequent Repairs

If you’ve got a heating system that’s constantly on the fritz, we understand how frustrating that can be. It must feel like every day after work there’s a new and obnoxious problem occurring in your heating system and you’d love to just be able to leave it alone for at least a single season, right?

Well, first of all we’d like to tell you that this isn’t normal. Most heating systems, as long as they’re properly maintained and well within their lifespan, should run without a hitch. If you’ve got reoccurring problems, then it means your system is likely on its way out.

After a while, certain components can start to fail from wear and tear, and it might feel that everything is breaking all at once. If you start to encounter this long list of problems, then we urge you to deal with them all at once by investing in a replacement system. This can fix your heat for good while leaving you comfortable and without hassle!

2. Your Heater Needs an Excessively Expensive Repair

Nothing feels worse than getting the news from your HVAC professional that your system needs a very expensive fix. It can feel downright defeating after all the attention, time, and money you’ve spent on your system. However, this might actually be a saving grace in disguise!

Heating systems are more likely to run into expensive repairs when they reach the end of their lifespans. If your system runs into a problem that’s expensive, here’s a rule we advise homeowners to use:

For any repair need that runs under half the cost of a whole new system, the repair is probably worth it. However, if it costs more than half the cost of a new unit, then get the system replaced!

3. It’s Too Old

Last but not least, your system might be running fine, but it could be getting old. An older system is more prone to problems than a newer one, and while your system might not have any issues yet, it’s bound to in the future. Why not get ahead of issues by getting your old and outdated system replaced today?

Call Bill’s Superheat, Inc. to invest in a new heater. Here to Save the Day!

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