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An Entrypoint Into Heating Installation

So, you’ve reached a point with your old furnace that it needs to be replaced. This is a common occurrence for a lot of homeowners, especially with some brutally cold winters that have called into question the affordability of home heating.

What used to be a minor expense is now shaping up to be a major part of our monthly budgets, so we need to figure out how your next heating system is going to be an improvement.

Yes, a heating system should always work to benefit you, not just the person installing it. A technician can tell you which heater they think might be best for your home or lifestyle, but they need to give you data and some good reasons to invest in it.

In other words, you’re the one who has to pay the bill at the end of the day, so always choose a heating installation in Whitefish, MT that makes you feel confident in your decision.

Furnace Systems

Let’s first start with the most common heating appliance in our area and in the country–furnaces. These systems use either electricity or gas to create heat in your home, and that heated air is propelled through ductwork by a blower fan system.

A furnace is great because it’s affordable to install and affordable to run, especially with how cost-effective natural gas is at being a heating fuel. And, newer furnace models are more efficient than ever, with AFUE ratings (annual fuel utilization efficiency) reaching upwards of 90, meaning you get more bang for your buck.

Here are the two main types of furnaces you can invest in.


A gas furnace is sleek, powerful, efficient, and it gets the job done. You’ll see a lot of HVAC professionals recommend these systems for those exact reasons. Though, if you’re weary about having a gas-burning appliance in your home, or you don’t already have access to natural gas, then you might not like these systems as much as their electric counterparts.


For anyone living off-grid, an electric furnace is a great option. They’re more affordable than heat pumps or other, more expensive electric heating systems, and they still run only on electricity. However, they can cost more to run due to electricity costs being higher in our area. This system might be suited to a specific subsection of our customers.

Heat Pumps

Want an electric heating system that’s efficient and doubles as an air conditioner? Then a heat pump is for you! These units move heat instead of creating it, which means they’re hyper efficient and can replace a furnace and air conditioning system easily.

Yes, they might be more expensive to run in the colder months than a gas-burning furnace, but they’ll save you money in the moderate months of spring and fall, and they’re also eco-friendly.

Go Ductless!

A ductless heat pump is a great choice these days. They’re powerful enough for most homes and the mini splits can be placed in strategic locations to maximize the heating and cooling potential of them. And, they’re all electric like every other heat pump, so you don’t have to worry about access to natural gas.

Contact Bill’s Superheat, Inc. to have a new heating system installed that you’re excited about. Here to Save the Day!

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