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It’s Time for a Furnace Safety Check

It’s the time of year when we really start kicking our furnaces into gear. Those reliable heating machines are the perfect defense against frigid temperatures when we start staying indoors to watch movies, cook dinner, and play board games. This type of relaxation with your family can only truly be achieved with the help of a team of HVAC professionals that can check the safety of your furnace.

The elephant in the room here is peace of mind, the ability to enjoy quality heat all winter long without being fearful of any dangers that might persist. A gas furnace isn’t supposed to be dangerous, but when it is neglected or doesn’t undergo the safety inspection it’s supposed to, then it can quickly become dangerous.

Keep reading to learn whether or not your furnace needs heater repair in Kalispell, MT, and what to do if you’re unsure of the condition your system is in.

Why Does Furnace Safety Matter?

The first question we hear homeowners ask is “why does my furnace need to be checked for safety issues but not my air conditioner or my air filter?” While it might sound like a silly question, we completely understand where homeowners are coming from. One system heats and the other one cools, so why do we treat one so differently?

The important part isn’t what they do but how they do it. A gas furnace heats a home through combustion, which means gas is being burned to create heat. This process creates a whole host of fumes that can be dangerous to breathe in. This includes carbon monoxide, which is invisible to the naked eye and can be almost undetectable in any other way. Our smoke detectors and CO detectors are literally designed to catch your malfunctioning furnace from causing any harm.

What Can Go Wrong?

A gas furnace has a component that’s called the “heat exchanger.” It’s a clam-shaped device that keeps the fumes inside of it while exchanging heat with the fresh air in your home. This process allows your home’s air to be heated (which is fresh and safe to breathe in), while venting the exhaust fumes so that they end up far away from your house.

If the heat exchanger cracks or runs into problems, you could be inundated with a full-blown safety concern that requires immediate attention. Maintenance and inspection appointments are the best way to stop this from happening.

Three Steps You Can Take Today

Let’s talk about what you as a homeowner can do. For starters, signing up for maintenance is the best and easiest way to nip this in the bud. Our team can both inspect your system for safety issues while also providing a tune-up that’s designed to keep your furnace running longer, more efficiently, and more effectively.

Then, we advise you to both change out the air filter to ensure maximum airflow is entering your furnace, while also keeping space cleared around your furnace to reduce the amount of potential fire hazards. By completing all of these steps, your home should be demonstrably safer as a result.

Call Bill’s Superheat, Inc. to schedule a furnace safety inspection. Here to Save the Day!

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