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Your Springtime Heater FAQ

While it’s definitely getting near springtime, it doesn’t feel like it. Trust us when we say that the warm temperatures that are just around the corner are going to catch us all off guard!

That being said, it’s not time to stop thinking about your heater. We’d argue it’s never time to stop thinking about your heating system, even though springtime is notorious for homeowners tossing their troubled heating systems into the garage or basement to be forgotten about until next year. We urge you to pay attention to a few things before you retire your system. You might need heating services in Kalispell, MT if you notice something wrong.

How often should you change the filter? When is the best time to schedule maintenance? What noises are normal for your heater to make? Keep reading as we answer all of these and more!

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

We know that you’d rather not think of your HVAC system when there are better things to focus on. We encourage homeowners to ask questions and be curious about their heating systems, as long as they leave the hard work to us. Just because you’re starting to get well acquainted with your heating system doesn’t mean you have the skill, experience, and expertise to open the system up and start making repairs.

Here are a few questions we commonly get asked and some answers from a professional team. If you’re concerned about these answers, or if you have more questions that relate to your specific situation, don’t hesitate to call our team.

What Does My Air Filter Do and When Should I Replace It?

Contrary to popular belief, your air filter in your heating system isn’t meant to keep your air clean. It’s actually used to protect the interior components of your heating system from contaminants that would otherwise cause damage. Yes, it does help your indoor air as a byproduct, but that’s not its main purpose.

That being said, you’ll start to run into serious efficiency problems if you let your air filter get clogged up too regularly. We recommend homeowners replace the air filter every 1-3 months depending on the system’s usage. If you keep this schedule, you’re much less likely to develop problems because of a clogged filter.

When Is the Best Time for Maintenance?

For heaters, we recommend homeowners schedule maintenance in the fall, right before they’re used heavily. Likewise, for air conditioners we recommend getting maintenance in the spring. These are what we in the industry consider shoulder seasons, meaning our schedules aren’t packed to the brim with emergency repairs since the weather is a lot more mild.

Did you miss out on maintenance in the fall? No problem, it’s a good idea to schedule it today. Late maintenance is always better than no maintenance, regardless of when you have it done.

Are There Any Noises My Heater Should Be Making?

That’s a tough question. There are some noises that we deem acceptable, like a clicking sound when your system turns on or off, or the sound of air gently whooshing from the vents. It’s very difficult to have a healthy heater not make any noise whatsoever, so these are not alarming sounds.

However, if your heater is clicking too often, or it’s making other noises like grinding, booming, shrieking, squealing, then you’ve got a problem on your hands.

Call Bill’s Superheat, Inc. for any additional questions you might have.

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